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Andrzej's Photo MY LIFE
The chronology of my life that I can truly recall, begins after the war: the DP camps, crossing the Alps by truck, Italy, boarding schools, Edinburgh and then London. Life there as a boy, teenager and a young adult was fantastic: freedom and excitement of the big city, endless adventures (most good, some not so good), experiences sometimes spiced with danger. Social life was very rich: boy scouts, folk dancing groups, amateur theater, choirs, social clubs and of course friends. All within the London Polish group with little social contacts with the natives. London is where I made my friend for life - a few enemies too - where I fell in love, married and had my first son.
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Curious, I do not remember ever playing with toys. I attended 15 different schools. (Other did not believe this either, but itís true.) It also took four different university colleges to earn my degree in chemistry. Canít help wandering what todayís psychiatrist would make of all that.

As a boy, I read "Kanada Pachnaca Zywica" (Canada Scented with Rosin). By the end of the book I knew Canada was for me. So, after graduation, my wife Basia and I, with our one-year old son Richard, left for Canada. We ended up in Sarnia, a small town at the end of the road to nowhere. It took three years to persuade my employer (Polysar) to sent me back to Europe. We moved to Vienna: a generous expense account, international travel, multinational social life, cultural life, some good friends, many pleasant acquaintances and a daughter, Dina. Three years later we moved to Fribourg, Switzerland where the "good life" continued: promotion, professional fulfillment, more travel, good friends, good food, fine wines, fantastic skiing and a second son, Simon.

After 8 years of this "good life" the time came to finally grow up. We moved back to Sarnia and began to build a stable life. Seventeen years passed till, in 1989 (on my birthday), I was declared redundant. Too young to retire, too old to seek work with a new company, we moved to Ottawa and I started my own consulting business. I was lucky; it went well. International travel came back, new contacts new challenges new opportunities; the hustle and bustle - I loved it and love it still.

The person that I am caused me to adopt three core principals which influenced most of my lifeís decisions:
pride in my family from which I came and which I will leave behind respect for nature and the environment regard for business as the creator of social wealth


Marek and Llynne made a "This is your Life" video for Andrzej to commemorate his 60th birthday. It includes interviews with family and friends giving an insight into his escapades as a young man as well as tributes to him. If you would like to see this you will need to persuade one of the family members to give you a viewing.